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Field Service Management

What's Included?

  • Improved Customer Service

    • The sky’s the limit for your next commercial-grade network, audio/visual, or multimedia deployment. Whether you need a standard menu installation or an interactive kiosk to ‘wow’ retail customers, we can help.

  • Manage Your Cost Effectively

    • Control costs and improve profitability without the additional costs of hiring additional staff and training technicians. Our technicians are trained and certified to ensure you get top-notch talent.

  • Increase Efficiencies

    • Focus on your core business priorities by outsourcing critical deployment, installation, and management of technical projects. No matter how complex, our team of experts can get your project deployed quickly.

  • Reduce Risk 

    • Don’t run the risk of missing a critical installation deadline. With our extensive experience and a highly-skilled team of installers, we’ll help you meet your installation deadline and exceed customer expectations at every turn.

Our Simple Process

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Schedule The Site Survey(s)
We will schedule an onsite technician to give you the best quote for materials and time onsite. Most sites can be completed within 3 days.

Review and Schedule
Our team will review survey notes email over quote(s) within 24 hours.

Dispatch and Verify
We will dispatch our technicians to complete the install and while onsite they will submit a custom job form detailing the technician notes and pictures. Which is sent directly to you to confirm and verify. Once job is complete we will email a full detail report.



Field Service Management Contracts

Last Updated: 05/09/2024


No Surprises & Priced According To Your Needs

Our customers love the affordability and flexibility of our service team. Our simple pricing ensures you see a return on your investment.


  • We will assign dedicated Project Coordinators and Managers to have a single point contact.

  • Specialized Technical Experts

  • On-Demand Project Assistance

  • Successful Project Implementation

  • We'll create detailed site reports so you know exactly what equipment is connected onsite. 

  • We help cut down on service calls by creating a true system that is so "Simple" that even your site contacts can follow.

black engineer.jpg

Keep Your Projects Running as Simple as Possible
for as little as $65.99/Per Hour

Covers up to 2 hours onsite

Standard Plan Pricing is Being Advertised - Plus Taxes

Simple Pricing

With our team you're now ready to provide Simple Support for your clients with a higher quality of service. With our comprehensive plans to meet different business needs.


$75/Per Hour -
Per Tech - Plus Tax

Scope of Work Development

  • Determine the necessary equipment and support required.

Site Surveys

  • Identify site requirements and details prior to starting your project.

Solution Design

  • Develop a comprehensive design and installation plan to ensure success.

Project Plan Scheduling

  • Coordinate the entire project with technicians and clients with a single point of contact with frequent updates during the active project.

Logistics Coordination

  • Get the right equipment, people, and products where they need to be.

Maintenance Planning

  • Oversee ongoing maintenance to keep your solutions performing properly.

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