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Cable Management Service

What's Included?

  • WI-Fi Heatmap

    • Find out where the best placement for your wifi coverage so you know where to place your devices.

  • Network Speed Report

    • Find out how fast your internet and we give recommendations to get the max speed.

  • Track and Trace

    • We will identify all network devices and color code and label for future service support.​

  • Create Network Rack Map

    • We will create a custom network map for future repairs and create a systematic repair.

    • Color Code data ports, patch ports and cables.

  • Clean and Organize

    • Clean all service and client areas; under desks, server rooms

    • Install cable conduits and raceways

  • Onsite Inventory Management

    • Know what your onsite cost are. We will install a cabinet or bins, label all materials.

Our Simple Process

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Schedule The Site Survey(s)
We will schedule an onsite technician to give you the best quote for materials and time onsite. Most sites can be completed within 3 days.

Review and Schedule
Our team will review survey notes email over quote(s) within 24 hours.

Dispatch and Verify
We will dispatch our technicians to complete the install and while onsite they will submit a custom job form detailing the technician notes and pictures. Which is sent directly to you to confirm and verify. Once job is complete we will email a full detail report.



Cable Management Service Agreements

Last Updated: 05/09/2024


No Surprises & Priced According To Your Needs

Our customers love the affordability and flexibility of our service team. Our simple pricing ensures you see a return on your investment.


  • We will maintain BICSI standards

  • Perform monthly site visit

  • Clean up any loose cables and label all connections

  • Create a monthly inventory, heatmap, and wiring report

  • Assign dedicated Site Technician(s) and account manager.

  • We'll create detailed site reports so you know exactly what equipment is onsite. 

  • We help cut down on service calls by creating a true system that is so "Simple" that even your site contacts can follow.

Keep Your Sites Clean, Organized

& Ready For Service

for as little as $239.99/month

Covers up to 6 hours onsite

Standard Plan Pricing is Being Advertised - First Time Setup Fee $1,199.99 Plus Taxes

Flat Pricing. No Contracts.

With our team you're now ready to provide Simple Support for your clients with a higher quality of service. With our comprehensive plans to meet different business needs.


$239.99/month Per Site - Plus Tax

Onsite Inventory Management

  • We will complete a monthly report and assist with inventory levels

Cable Management

  • Clean any loose wires

  • Perform quality checks and replace cables as needed

Update Network Map

  • We will verify that you have the latest network site map and rack map.

  • Verify that all equipment is onsite and report our findings.

Clean and Organized

  • Clean all dust traps from networking equipment to extend the life of your devices.

  • Remove any boxes and unclutter the network room as much as possible.


$299.99/month Per Site - Plus Tax

All Features in Standard

Site Prep

  • We will prepare your site for a new equipment install by going onsite and moving equipment on the network rack or install new wood boards for installs.

  • Test and verify that all requirements are meet prior to install.

  • Create a cable managed install guide for the service company to make sure that your standards are being meet every time.

Discounted labor rates

  • We offer additional field services such as network installations, low-voltage cabling, and many more. So instead of shopping around take advantage of this perk.

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